Saturday, March 26, 2011


Get ready for a big shock...this post isn't about birds!
I swear I didn't do that on purpose, but if you know me at all, you know that I love birds and I just can't help myself. Also, birds make up most of the animal life in Iceland. 300 species compared to the 7 species of mammals on the island. (and just for interests sake, there are about 1,200 different kinds of insects, compared to the 20,000+ different kinds found in most other European countries).

Today was another day where I wandered down to the beach to take photos. Yesterday was completely foggy and grey, even though it was warm, and I still went out. But today is glorious. The sun is hot, the sky is clear, and the snow is melted. It's windy, but that's to be expected.

Here are some things I found while walking along the beach.
Where the spring meets the sea.

Fýll wing

Common Whelk egg sack and marine plant.

Rock collection
Unidentified crab

Dead loðna (capelin)/Mallotus villosus

I realized the other day that I've lived on two of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they couldn't be more opposite. The sand on Clearwater Beach, Florida is pure white and so fine that it squeaks like talcum powder when it's stepped on. The beach in Vík has coarse black volcanic sand littered with polished round stones. The extremes of beach possibilities.

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