Friday, August 5, 2011

Il Pleut

Not so fun fact:
It has been raining for a month.
I'm not even exaggerating. It's been the most depressing weather I've ever endured. And when I say "endure", I mean, completely losing my mind. I've forgotten what colors look like.
Also, because there's no break, it's seeped inside the buildings, so even indoors you cannot escape. Wet towels from the shower will not dry, no matter how long they hang up, and the walls are moist, which makes little rivers in the tile grout. My hair is oddly curly, as well, which might be the only positive thing about this.
The only solace I can take in these sad facts is that the entire country is suffering, and not just the Suðurlands, which is pretty typical. (I might have mentioned before that Vík í Mýrdal translates to "a valley in a wet bay", and it's the wettest part of Iceland.)
Of course, it's expected to finally clear up on Sunday. The day I leave.


  1. I can relate, this is one of the wettest winters in Sydney history. I HATE rain. About a week ago it rained (poured actually) for 9 days straight and I was so depressed I would cry in the shower every night. I don't know how you can handle a month of it! Sounds miserable!

  2. You should totally go to the Oregon coast next! It doesn't ever get rain, not ever, ever, not really ever, I swear.